profileI’m not here to bore you. There are countless blogs out there that will do that. My aim is to write from angles that are fresh and new. Read the tagline. I want to convey my frenzied clucking to you through punchy writing. Although I recognise that doesn’t sound especially elegant.

I get impassioned about dystopias. I’m deeply concerned about the way things are going in the world and feel reassured by the popularity of figures who tap into the disillusionment and apathy many of us have come to feel towards the political establishment, such as Roger Waters.

I live in a woolly cloud of idealism and want some form of peaceful revolution to happen, though when pressed, I get rather hazy about the particulars of said revolution. Well, it’s not my job is it?

People who’ve stuck two fingers up at what was expected of them and dared to think in an unusual, groundbreaking way are my kind of heroes.

I’d love to write a book, have a plan for a dystopia in mind, but need to make the story unique and that’s where I’m currently stuck. I write poetry too and may share some on this blog (aren’t you lucky, you poor bastards).

On the side, I sing in a rock band, Caged and Wired (my dad came up with the name – he’s a proper rock ‘n’ roller), and take regular singing lessons. So there are very strong chances that I may start rambling about music now and again. Indulge me.

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