Salomé – femme fatale extraordinaire

Salome-The-Space-430x350Salomé is the femme fatale extraordinaire, as uncompromising as she is cruel – a spoiled princess who knows what she wants and won’t settle for less, equal parts virgin and lascivious whore.

Théâtre Libre’s interpretation of Wilde’s Salomé delves deep into the complex and terrifying aspects of Salome’s nature, while also taking a feminist slant: much is made of the objectification she endures from the male gaze.

This version of Salomé is largely compelling. The only thing that jars is Théâtre Libre’s attempt to set it in the modern day (notably when Salomé uses her mobile to take selfies), as this clashes with the archaic, Biblical-sounding language of the play itself. Even so, Liza Weber as Salomé is memorable and utterly convincing, playing up her lascivious, voracious and ultimately brutal nature. Weber’s immensely skilled dancing is the especial highlight and, in combination with well-chosen music and screen projections, amplifies the spectacle of this savage tale.

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