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Breaking the silence: Nirbhaya at Southbank Centre

nirbhaya“Some things are inherited without question. Like silence – it’s a code.” So says one of the extraordinary female performers in Nirbhaya. This play centres on the true story of the horrifying gang rape of a young woman on a bus in Delhi in December 2012, making international news and causing outrage across the world.

The woman was dubbed Nirbhaya – fearless one – and this play’s intent is also fearless: to break the silence around acts of violence committed against women.

Nirbhaya’s brutal gang rape and subsequent death is too horrifying to imagine, but the one positive thing that came out of it is a new urgency many women have felt to speak out, to come forward with their own stories of what they have suffered. In this searing play, six female cast members do just that – they give personal testimonials about the shocking abuse they have experienced.

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The People Vs Democracy at Free Word Centre

People-Vs-DemocracyThe People Vs Democracy is billed as a “live action game about power and politics in the UK”.

Taking place in the free-thinking surrounds of the Free Word Centre, it claims to reveal the truths to players about the difficult compromises that often need to be made in our political system.

A great deal of planning and care has clearly gone into conceiving, as well as setting up and visualising, the game. But does The People Vs Democracy prove effective in its stated aim of highlighting the stark realities of political negotiations?

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