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‘Something you’ve not seen live before’: Mat Ricardo’s Showman

‘Showman’ indeed: charming Mat Ricardo

I hadn’t heard much about Mat Ricardo, who refers to himself as a ‘gentleman juggler’, prior to seeing his sold-out show on 23 January at the Leicester Square Theatre.

However, throughout Ricardo proved the consummate performer and was a very witty, entertaining presence.

He managed to capture and – more importantly – maintain the audience’s rapt attention for the entirely of his show, far from an easy feat.

He’s been perfecting his art for 26 years and it shows in the fluidity and exceptional coordination of his routines. Ricardo’s one to watch out for, I’d say.

Ricardo said: ‘My job is simple – to show you something you’ve not seen live before’.

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Immersive Dystopia: Forget Me Not at the Etcetera Theatre


The cast of Forget me not

On Wednesday I saw Forget me not, a dystopian play directly inspired by recent cuts in arts funding. It conceives of a world where all forms of art are outlawed.

I found the concept to be interesting and the take on dystopia innovative, but ultimately concluded it was more a work-in-progress than a polished, finished production.

The actors and the writing were excellent, it’s just that the story itself was a bit convoluted and needed more work. By and large, I enjoyed it though.

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