Monthly Archives: November 2013


It’s so easy. Takes no work. The flick of a switch. And zone out…

I don’t want to sit passively in front of the TV (not that I do this a lot, but it’s my default setting when finding the time to relax). What I really do want, though, is to give myself the space to write regularly. Which is why I’ve started this blog.

Have a look at my ‘About’ and you’ll see there’s a lot going on – I love the arts and theatre, am a singer in a rock band and write poetry (yes, realise I’m opening myself up for ridicule here). My wish to pen a novelistic masterpiece (cue further ridicule) has, so far, been thwarted by the endless distractions that offer themselves up to me in London.

My aim is simply to write vivaciously about arts and cultural events in London which may be of interest to you (at least one, maybe two of you?). But, inevitably, you’ll find me wandering off-topic occasionally.

My writing probably won’t espouse universal human truths and make your life gain deeper spiritual meaning. It’s all just a bit of a lark.

Still, my toughest challenge is to propel you along with a tide of energetic writing that keeps you wanting more. I take up this challenge with some trepidation, but this is much outweighed by my avid enthusiasm – similar in nature to that of an overzealous chicken, if my tagline is to be believed.

So. Come along for the ride. Or excited strut.


My next blog will be about the Howl 2.0 reading by modern poets at the Roundhouse (now sold out) this Sunday.

I just can’t wait to hear the furious brilliance of Ginsberg’s manic prophetic ranting again (having first fallen in love with the poem at university) and share it with you.